ZF 45C 45CW 1:1 Marine Boat Transmission Gearbox Hurth HSW450D 3311000001 002


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Product Details

New and unpainted ZF 45C marine transmission. Part number 3311000001. The 45C replaces both the 45C 3311000001 and 45CW 3311000002 (Walters). Has bolt holes to accept Walters adapter.

Transmission Specifications
  • Gear Ratio: 1.000:1
  • Mechanical Shift
  • No Down Angle, 0 Degree
  • For standard-rotation or opposite-rotation engines (pump setup for standard rotation but can be rotated)
  • Must be shifted in ‘A’ direction for forward. ‘B’ direction is for docking and low-speed only
  • Output coupler has 4 bolt holes at 3.25″ bolt center diameter (4″ outside diameter)

Owner’s manual included. Sold by a ZF dealer with full warranty. Does not come with any accessories.

Important Guidelines
To improve transmission longevity and preserve the warranty, please follow these guidelines when installing and running your new transmission:

Oil Cooler
For transmissions that use an oil cooler, it is important to have it serviced or buy a new one (and flush the oil lines). If there had ever been water, metal particles, or other debris in the old transmission oil, or the old transmission failed or was slipping, reusing an old oil cooler can cause debris to enter the new transmission through the cooler circuit, which can void the warranty and lead to premature failure.

If you need a new oil cooler, you can view a list of coolers here. The oil cooler used by the transmission will vary depending on the engine make and model, so yours may not be listed. Contact for help if needed.

Damper Plate
Also called a drive plate, this bolts to the flywheel and engages the transmission input splines. It dampens the engine torsional firing impulses to protect the transmission. An old, damaged, or worn out damper plate may not dampen the torsionals as well, leading to premature wear and tear, or in the worst case a complete failure. If you need a new damper, you can view a list of dampers here.

If you’re changing from a Volvo MS-series transmission to a ZF, you’ll also need to switch from the original spring type to a Centa bushing type damper.

Oil Changes & Fluid Types
Check your transmission oil fluid level regularly and change it following the owner’s manual guidelines. Never go more than a year between oil changes. If you aren’t sure what oil type to use, here are recommendations:
  • For ZF 12, 15, 25, 30, 45, 63, 68, 80, and 85 series, and Velvet Drive 71C, 72C, 73C, and 5000 series, use an ATF fluid which meets Detroit Diesel Allison C-4 specifications (e.g.: Dexron IIE, Dexron III).
  • For ZF 220 and larger series, use a marine 30W transmission oil (no/low detergent, not multi-grade). In very hot climates 40W is okay.

Oil Filter
For transmissions with an oil filter, replace it as needed following the owner’s manual guidelines. Find replacement oil filters here.

Adapter Housing
The adapter housing is what connects the transmission to the engine bellhousing. You can usually reuse your existing one as long as it is not damaged. If you need a new one, see here for a list of common adapter housings.

Additional information

Product Specifications
TypeBoat Transmission, No Down Angle, 0 Degree
Model45C (45CW)
SizeGear Ratio: 1.000:1
Part Number3311000001
Manufacturer Part Number3311000001
ReplacesZF 45C, 45CW, Hurth HSW450D
Item Weight64.7 lbs
Warranty1 Year Pleasure, 6 Month Commercial
FitsMechanical Shift
Country of ManufactureItaly
Shipping Weight72 lbs
Shipping Dimensions16" x 16" x 14"