SeaStar Cylinder Reseal Kit HS5157 HA5430H HA5438 Oil Fill Tube Teleflex Marine


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New SeaStar Solutions complete reseal kit for front mount SeaStar Solutions (Teleflex Marine) cylinders. Used to repair leaking or weeping cylinder seals. This kit comes complete with HS5157 seal and spanner wrench set, HA5430H fluid quart, and HA5438 fill tube. Instructions included.

Compatible Cylinders
HC5340, HC5341, HC5342, HC5342-3, HC5343, HC5344, HC5345, HC5345-3, HC5346, HC5347, HC5347-3, HC5348, HC5348-3, HC5358, HC5358-3, HC5365, HC5375, HC5394, HC5445, HC6345, HC6345-3, HC6750, HC6751, HC6752, HC6753, HC6754, HC6755

Note: Please make sure your cylinder shaft is not pitted or corroded. A damaged cylinder shaft may still leak even with new seals. View full replacement cylinders here if you need a whole new cylinder.

Teleflex Marine is now SeaStar Solutions. Seal kit part number HS5157 (HS-5157).

Additional information

Product Specifications
Part NumberHS5157, HA5430H, HA5438
ManufacturerSeaStar Solutions
Item Weight2.4 lbs
BrandSeaStar Solutions
Manufacturer Part NumberHS5157, HA5430H, HA5438
Shipping Weight4 lbs
Shipping Dimensions12" x 8" x 5"
Warranty2 Year
Country of ManufactureCanada
TypeBoat Steering Seal Kit